Renew Your License

Renewing your license via the FCC ULS License Manager

The FCC ULS License Manager site allows you to:

  • Renew your license

  • Download Electronic Authorizations (Official Copy)

  • Administrative Updates, such as address, phone, email, etc.

License renewals are allowed at 90 days or less before a license will expire, and when the license has expired but is still within the two-year grace period for renewal. Licenses that have been expired for more than two years are not eligible for renewal or reinstatement.

  1. Direct link to the FCC ULS License Manager –

  2. Clicking on that link will give you a link to the License Manager which allows you to perform a number of things, including renew, obtain official copy, and update information such as your address. You will need your FRN as well as your password to sign onto this page, so have that at hand.

  3. Once signed in, a menu on the left has the various actions you can perform. This is an easy method to renew your license.

If you have any questions about license renewals, please let one of our club officers know and we will be more than happy to assist you.