Get Your Ham License

Our team has now transitioned from paper testing to electronic testing
which has reduced testing and grading times immensely

The K5SAR Volunteer Examiner testing team is proud to offer Amateur Radio License Exam
testing as a service to our club members and our community.

Test sessions are conducted in person on electronic devices that we provide.

Candidate using a tablet to take an
in-person ham radio license exam
(Photo: W5MDB)

** Online pre-registration is required **

We conduct all three FCC required exams to obtain your ham radio license and upgrade your privileges.
The current fee to sit for an exam is $14.00

Payable in cash or credit/debit card. No checks.

Please read our detailed instructions on what you need,
what is expected and a full overview of the exam process on our
In-person Testing Instructions Page

Exams will be conducted at the SARA Clubhouse in Greenwood, LA.

Check-in and testing begins at 0830 AM

The FCC requires all applicants for amateur radio licenses to obtain an
FRN number before registering for the exam.

Here you can watch FCC CORES tutorial videos on how to use the system.

On exam day bring the following items:

1) You are required to provide your FRN (see above regarding FRN) as well as a valid email address during registration.

2) A legal photo ID:

  • Government Issued Driver’s License
  • Government Issued Identification Card
  • Military/Law Enforcement ID
  • US Passport
  • Student School ID

    — If no photo ID is available, two forms of identification must be presented:

  • Non-photo ID/drivers license
  • Birth Certificate
  • Utility bill or bank statement showing the person’s current address as it appears on Form 605
  • Students/Minors without a photo ID need to bring only one of the above items if a legal guardian presents their photo ID; otherwise two non-photo IDs are required.

3) A basic calculator is allowed (No scientific, graphing, or cell phone calculators will be allowed)

4) Pencil and scratch paper will be provided (for jotting down formulas, etc)

5) Exam session fee $14.00 (cash only)
— exact change will help us tremendously speed up your check-in process

For further information, contact:

Tim Hall K5TFH (Contact VE)

Billy Netherland K5BWN (Co-Contact VE)
TEXT (318)525-7209